Zoning Law Attorney in Conway, Arkansas

What is Zoning?

A municipality, such as a city, is often divided into zones based on each area's intended purpose. Residential, commercial and industrial zones are each optimized to their selected purpose while maintaining a level of order and efficiency. Zoning laws set specific requirements for the buildings and infrastructure allowed in each zone. They regulate the location of utility lines, parking requirements, height restrictions and more.

Zoning Ordinance

Local governments are given the power to zone for the advancement of the health, morals, safety or general welfare of the community. However, zoning ordinances can also negatively affect your property. When this happens, you have two main options. You can ask for an exception, or you can challenge the zoning ordinance. The attorneys at The Sanders Firm PLLC can help you decide which option is best for your case.

Zoning Exceptions

There are several ways to ask for a zoning exception. You may be able to continue using the land through lawful nonconforming use. This takes into account the public benefit compared to your inconvenience and needs. You may also request a variance on the building size or the use of the land. It is important to talk with an experienced attorney to find the best solution.

Challenging An Ordinance

Another type of action you may take is challenging an ordinance. An ordinance can be challenged as unconstitutional when it takes a citizen's property. Zoning ordinances can also be challenged if they do not conform to the community's master plan. This plan displays the goals and current uses for the land in a specific area. If you would like to challenge an ordinance, contact The Sanders Firm PLLC today.

Real Estate Law

Because our attorneys have a good understanding of real estate laws, we understand zoning laws and related issues. This unique mixture of skills may provide your business with better protection when searching for new headquarters or if challenging an eminent domain claim by the city. Contact us today if you have any additional questions about zoning laws or your options.