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Criminal Defense Attorney In Conway, Arkansas

Whether you’re an Arkansas college student or you’ve just started your career, the last thing you need right now is a criminal record. Being convicted of a crime – even a minor crime – can result in loss of financial aid, missed job opportunities and hefty fines. This is why it’s crucial that you fight back against your criminal charges. Let’s focus on learning from your mistakes – not on ruining your chances of future success.

Arkansas DWI Laws

A BAC level of 0.08% (or 0.02% if you’re younger than 21) is all it takes to convict you of a DWI in Arkansas. Depending on your gender, weight, and how your body handles alcohol, you can reach a BAC level of 0.08% in as little as three drinks — or one drink if you’re underage.

Facing a DWI charge may feel hopeless, but it doesn’t have to be. When you partner with us, we’ll research the procedure for your breathalyzer test, pinpoint any faults, and, when possible, use this information to dismiss your charge completely. If your charge can’t be dismissed, we will relentlessly explore other corrective actions and pose an alternative path to your judge.

An Attorney Can Combat Your Criminal Charge


Wipe Out Your Speeding Ticket

Which of these scenarios sounds better to you? In Scenario 1, you pay the fine for your speeding ticket, thereby accumulating points on your driving record and skyrocketing your insurance payments. In Scenario 2, you fight the speeding ticket, completely wiping it from your record and protecting your insurance rates.

Scenario 2 sounds more appealing, right?

With our attorneys by your side, you’ll have a higher chance of dismissing your traffic ticket. We’ll research the evidence against you, propose alternative solutions (like driving school classes) to the judge, and ultimately work toward that second scenario where you aren’t continually penalized for one speeding ticket.

How A Criminal Record Affects A College Student

A criminal conviction always carries the possibility of imprisonment, fines, community service, and/or loss of your driver’s license. As a college student, you have even more to lose. Your university will likely require that you report your conviction to them, which can result in:

  • Immediate expulsion
  • Loss of financial aid and scholarships
  • A ban from student housing
  • Loss of access to campus resources
  • Suspension or dismissal from athletic teams

But being charged with a crime doesn’t have to result in the penalties above. When you work with our attorney, we can investigate the procedure and validity of your arrest as well as seek alternative paths to a conviction.

Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney In Central Arkansas

As an Arkansas native who attended college in Conway and Little Rock, the attorneys at The Sanders Firm PLLC, understand exactly what you’re going through – and just how important it is that your criminal charge is dismissed. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t lose hope. Contact our office at 501-400-7352. We’ll help you fight against a DWI, speeding ticket, or any other charge you may be facing.