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Keeping Traffic Violations Off Your Record

A traffic violation can be more than an annoying ticket you have to pay. From speeding tickets to more serious DWIs, a traffic violation can add points to your driving record and cause your insurance rates to spike. Working with an experienced traffic violations attorney can help you fight your traffic tickets and avoid some of these penalties.

At The Sanders Firm PLLC, in Conway, we can help you fight your traffic ticket and defend you against DWIs and other serious traffic violation charges. With an experienced attorney by your side, you have a much better chance of dismissing your ticket or reducing the penalties. Our Arkansas attorneys have experience working on both sides of the law. We use this collective experience to help develop tailored legal strategies that suit your needs and desired outcome.

From Speeding Tickets To DWIs, We Can Fight For You

Depending on the offense, a traffic violation can be a misdemeanor or even a felony crime that remains on your criminal record. In Arkansas, every driving offense adds points to your record. You can face serious penalties when your points add up, such as high insurance rates and, in some cases, a license suspension.

At The Sanders Firm PLLC, our attorneys can help you with all types of traffic violations, including:

  • Speeding tickets
  • DWIs
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving on a suspended license

If you face a DWI charge, it is vital that you work with an experienced attorney to defend your rights and protect your freedom. With each DWI offense, the penalties get more severe. Even a second DWI offense can result in up to one year in prison and a hefty fine. At The Sanders Firm PLLC, our attorneys will take the time to research the evidence against you, propose alternative solutions to the court and work toward obtaining the best outcome possible in any traffic violation case.

Don’t Fight A Traffic Ticket Alone

A traffic violation may seem minor, but it isn’t something you should ignore or pay without fighting back. Even a speeding ticket can cause problems for you later on. Our attorneys will help you fight your ticket and keep your license. From our office in Conway, we can assist clients throughout Faulkner County and other surrounding counties. Contact us to schedule a free consultation by calling 501-400-7352 or completing our online contact form.