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What is due diligence in a home purchase?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Property Law

Buying a home is a significant financial commitment that you can’t afford to take lightly. You’ve saved up, researched and finally found a place you can envision as your forever home. But before signing any papers, you must do your due diligence

This is the process of thoroughly inspecting and understanding all aspects of the property to ensure you make an informed decision. This isn’t a step you can afford to skip. Even a home that looks perfect can have hidden issues that might cost you in the long run. 

Leave no stone unturned

During the due diligence period, your primary goal is to investigate the property to identify potential issues. This is the time to schedule professional home inspections to check for structural defects, mold or pest infestations. Don’t just rely on what you can see. A qualified inspector can spot problems you might not even know to look for.

Documentation is your friend

In addition to physical inspections, you should also look at paperwork. Obtain the property’s title to ensure it’s free of liens or encumbrances. Check local zoning laws, particularly if you plan to make any changes or additions to the property. Go through the Homeowners Association rules, if applicable. 

Financials aren’t just about the mortgage

Getting caught up in mortgage rates and down payments is easy, but your due diligence should also include understanding the ongoing costs associated with the property. This includes property taxes, utility costs and insurance premiums. Some locations might require additional disaster insurance like flood or earthquake coverage. Knowing these can help you plan your finances for the long term.

Buying a home is exciting but also a bit daunting. Due diligence is your safety net, ensuring you make a sound investment. Having professionals on your side who can help with the due diligence process can reduce your stress and make things a bit easier for you.