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What you do and say after DWI charges could hurt your case

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | DWI Defense

An arrest on DWI charges can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and even afraid about the future. You may not know what to do next or how to protect your rights.

Creating a successful DWI defense is possible, especially if you do nothing after your arrest that could worsen your situation. With that goal in mind, here are 3 things to avoid after being charged with a DWI.

1. Talking to anyone other than your counsel

What you say after a DWI arrest, even during a casual conversation, can be misinterpreted and used against you in court. To avoid accidental self-incrimination, it may be best to avoid speaking with anyone except your representative about your case. Staying away from social media until your case concludes may also help protect your rights.

2. Surrendering your license without appealing

In Arkansas, the police may take your driver’s license upon a DWI arrest and give you a receipt that allows you to drive lawfully for 30 days. They will also give you a notice with instructions on how to appeal the license suspension. You have seven days to file your administrative appeal, and it could help you retain your driving privileges.

3. Ignoring post-arrest obligations

After your arrest, you may receive instructions from the court, including orders to appear for court hearings and other obligations. Do not ignore these directions, as doing so could result in additional charges or penalties. Keeping track of and following your responsibilities may help you avoid worsening your circumstances.

Your decisions after a DWI arrest can impact your defense more than you may realize. Consider obtaining legal guidance before making any choices or taking actions that could affect your case.