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Prohibited weapons in Arkansas and potential penalties

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Weapons Charges

Arkansas has strict regulations regarding the possession and use of certain weapons. Understanding these regulations is crucial to avoid legal issues. 

Here, you will find the prohibited weapons and the potential penalties associated with their possession or use.

Firearms with altered serial numbers

Possessing a firearm with an altered or removed serial number is illegal. This law was created to help prevent the possession of untraceable firearms, which could be used for criminal activities. If caught with such a firearm, you may be charged with a Class D felony.

Sawed-off shotguns and rifles

Sawed-off shotguns and rifles with barrels less than 18 inches long are prohibited. These firearms are considered highly dangerous and are typically associated with criminal activities. If convicted of this crime, you may face fines and jail time. 

Machine guns and automatic weapons

It is illegal for civilians to possess machine guns and fully automatic weapons without proper federal permits. Obtaining such permits is a complex process and requires thorough background checks. 

Explosive devices and bombs

The possession, creation, or use of explosive devices and bombs is strictly prohibited in Arkansas. These items pose significant threats to public safety.

Potential penalties

The penalties for possessing prohibited weapons in Arkansas can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the type of weapon involved. However, common penalties may include:

  • Fines: Conviction can result in substantial fines ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Imprisonment: Offenders may face imprisonment, with sentences ranging from months to years, depending on the severity of the violation.
  • Loss of firearms rights: Conviction may result in the permanent loss of your right to possess firearms.
  • Criminal record: A conviction for possessing prohibited weapons can lead to a permanent criminal record, affecting your future prospects and employment opportunities.

To avoid legal trouble, it is crucial to be aware of the state’s laws regarding prohibited weapons. Knowing your legal rights and options is necessary if you are facing a criminal weapons charge.