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Prescription medications can easily lead to drug charges in Arkansas

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Drug Crimes

Some of the best medical treatments are only available with a doctor’s recommendation. The vast majority of effective medications require a prescription. Even then, the patient using a medication must carefully comply with the instructions of a doctor.

Small mistakes on the part of those with access to certain controlled substances could lead to criminal charges. Arkansas includes dozens of different substances on the list of controlled substances within the state. There are numerous drugs so dangerous that the state completely prohibits them and many others that are only legally available with a doctor’s recommendation and direct medical oversight. Unfortunately, people often make the mistake of assuming that a prescription protects them from prosecution.

How someone with a prescription could break the law

There are many ways that someone previously recommended a controlled substance by their physician could violate Arkansas statutes. They might attempt to drive while under the influence of a drug that they know affects their cognitive abilities or motor function.

Their doctor might refuse to renew their prescription, so they could start acquiring their substance of choice from an unregulated source. They might clearly abuse a drug by taking far too much in a social environment or recording themselves administering the drug in the wrong way. Even the decision to give away or sell leftover medication to someone else could lead to someone’s prosecution.

Any misuse or inappropriate transfers of controlled substances could potentially lead to criminal charges under Arkansas state statutes. Those familiar with the risks of using prescribed medications may have an easier time avoiding drug charges. Should a mistake or misunderstanding lead to charges, seeking legal guidance is generally wise, given how much is at stake in such situations.