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Marijuana use can spell trouble for college students

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2024 | Drug Crimes

Marijuana use is popular on college campuses and many students have tried it at least once. However, marijuana remains a prohibited substance under federal law, and Arkansas prohibits recreational marijuana use as well. This means that marijuana usage is strictly prohibited on or near school grounds.

Despite this, some students believe that recreational marijuana use is part of the college experience and think that using it in their private dorm rooms isn’t hurting anybody. However, being caught with it can have serious consequences for your future.

Penalties for marijuana use in Arkansas

Here are some important things every college student should know about the penalties for using recreational marijuana in Arkansas.

  • Possession of four ounces or less of marijuana is a Class A misdemeanor. A first-time offender might face up to a year in prison as punishment. Now, suppose the same person is convicted of possessing marijuana again. In that case, the offense is classified as a felony, and the severity of the felony is determined by the amount of marijuana found in their possession.
  • Cultivating marijuana in private residences is against the law. This means students cannot grow it in their dorm rooms or campus labs. If they do, the violation is classified as either simple possession or possession with intent to supply, depending on the amount involved. 

Drug accusations can have lasting legal implications and impacts on work, housing and education. In addition to potential legal penalties, students may face consequences from college officials for drug possession, such as probation or suspension, and may even delay graduation. Furthermore, a drug conviction can make it challenging to pursue graduate school opportunities. This is why students who have been charged with illegal marijuana possession should seek assistance with their defense.