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Ways police may manipulate you during interrogation

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2024 | Criminal Defense

When conducting investigations into an alleged offense, police apply various tactics to gather information and elicit confessions. We recently discussed the fact that police can lie to suspects during interrogations.

They may use manipulation to influence the behavior and responses of the person being interrogated. If you are facing an interrogation, it is important to be aware of these manipulation techniques to better protect your rights and make informed decisions.

They can use a wide range of tactics

During an interrogation, police may use various techniques to manipulate the person being questioned, including:

  • Offering leniency or deals: They may suggest that cooperating will result in a lighter sentence or that confessing will lead to more favorable treatment.
  • Using the “good cop, bad cop” routine: Also known as the Reid technique, one officer acts aggressively or intimidates the suspect, while another acts sympathetically, creating a dynamic where the person feels pressured to cooperate with the “good cop.”
  • Prolonging the interrogation: By extending the duration of the questioning, they can wear down the person’s resistance, making them more likely to say things they otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Minimizing the seriousness of the offense: Police might downplay the gravity of the alleged offense to make the suspect feel more comfortable and inclined to confess.
  • Appealing to emotions: They may try to evoke sympathy or guilt in the suspect by portraying the consequences of their actions on others, such as family members or victims.
  • Creating a sense of isolation or powerlessness: By isolating the suspect from their support system or repeatedly emphasizing the evidence against them, police can make them feel helpless and more willing to comply.

It is important to have legal guidance when facing interrogation to help ensure you do not incriminate yourself unintentionally.